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Pledge to carbon neutrality, make the future a fairy land

Carbon neutrality aims at offsetting carbon emissions created by industrial production through planting trees or energy conservation and emission reduction. This term has no doubt become a buzz word of this year. As the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) draws closer, not just authorities, but more and more enterprises attach greater importance to this issue. Why do companies make every endeavor to pursue carbon neutrality? Why do the authorities strongly encourage businesses’ participation? Here are the reasons.
Every small step makes a jumping outcome in environmental protection
One of the most universal ecological activity is Earth Hour, which proves that an hour of dimming the lights in Sydney saves enough electricity for 200 thousand televisions to play for an hour. A small action of simply pressing the button makes unbelievable results. In 2019, Disclosure Insight Action published a dataset, showing that over 35% of scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions were produced by companies. As important energy consumers, enterprises certainly play important roles in energy saving and carbon footprint reduction. This unavoidable imperative has been widely taken by giants and start-ups follow suit quickly.
For example, Disney, at all of its parks, uses zero net direct greenhouse gas emissions and has a zero-waste policy so that nothing ends up in landfills; Apple has committed to making its supply chain carbon-neutral by 2030. In addition, a young aircraft company, Boom Technology, founded in 2014, has made lower energy consumption their selling point which earns this company great amount of orders. No matter they are titans of certain industry or small businesses, their practices will certainly make differences and give us hopes.
Economic Growth can be maintained and even boosted amid emission reduction
1952 witnessed the most severe air pollution---Big Smoke, which was induced by uncontrolled emission of smoke and waste gas like carbon dioxide and hydrogen chloride from factories . Shocked by terrible tolls, the British government took radical actions to reduce emissions. From 1960 to 1970, their practice brought them doubled GDP. Today, there still are companies writing similar stories.
Fairland, is a company focuses on R&D innovation for energy efficient pool heater. With higher redefined new standard of COP ranges from 6 up to 16.5, averagely COP 11.6 for full season. So, Fairland’ s energy efficient pool heaters achieve averagely doubled energy saving compared to other pool heat pumps, and save over 50% operation costs for their every private pool owner, which, on the other hand, rewards this company an over 100% annual growth. lead every family a new fashion green lifestyle. Fairland Group is honored to be one of contributors of the low-carbon life of the world.
In the future several decades, the trend of energy saving and emission reduction is unstoppable and full of opportunities. It encourages transformations in enterprises and unlocks the triggers of economic growth.
Eco-friendly companies foster eco-friendly consumers
Production provokes demand. When enterprises increasingly emphasis reduction of carbon emission, consumers’ attitude towards carbon neutrality will also get stronger and become prevailing. That’s why governments encourage companies to be eco-friendly. Reciprocally, demand determines production. Therefore, as the awareness of environmental protection of consumers raises, environmentally friendly products win popularity.
Dedicated to offer ultimate customer experiences, Fairland always calls for greater energy saving, pledges to reduce GHG(greenhouse gas) emissions and invests the future by upgrading technologies of energy saving. For it, Net Zero and carbon neutrality are never slogans, they are ultimate goals requiring timely actions.
The future, depends on now.

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