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Take a Thanksgiving Swimming Feast for Celebration & Gratitude


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and swimmers and their families will gather for the big feast of the year. It has been a year of dismay and insecurity, but there are also things to be thankful for - that make our lives a little sweeter in these challenging times.

Cherish Year-round Swimming Fun with Family

A tough year is inseparable from the company and the support of family members. We spend more time with our families than ever before. The backyard swimming pool becomes our favorite recreational facility. It doesn’t matter if we’re getting in the pool at five in the early morning or seven in the evening. Thanks to the dramatic innovations in pool heating technology, we can dive in at any time in the day and enjoy our heated pool year-round from mild spring to cold winter.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Thanksgiving Swimming Feast

Thanksgiving needs a sense of ritual. For swim lovers, it is not just about Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe Thanksgiving will be different this year. Why not take a Thanksgiving swimming feast before the Thanksgiving meal? It is time to put your swimming pool heat pump to full use. Despite the low temperature in cold November, Fairland INVERX Jumbo inverter pool heat pump can heat your pool water efficiently and quickly. Thanks to the combination of TurboSilence® Inverter technology and EVI technology, INVERX Jumbo runs stably at temperatures as low as -25°C but with water outlet temperature up to 45°C that make you feel relaxed while swimming with your family.

We can surround ourselves with love ones and live into our thankfulness. A Thanksgiving swimming feast is as meaningful as a Thanksgiving dinner. We treasure any chance we can get to swim - to be grateful for the fitness of everyone and appreciative of our loving family. Happy Thanksgiving all!

Are you ready for the list that you need to thank? Welcome to share with us! If you want to enjoy swimming on Thanksgiving or even Christmas, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at The Fairland team will be at your service.

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