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The Advantages of TurboSilence® Full-inverter Technology by Fairland


The swimming pool industry has experienced radical change in recent years. Inverter technology drastically reshaped the way we enjoy outdoors. Industry players keep revolutionizing pool equipment with inverter technology to meet the ever-growing and demanding efficiency requirements. Higher energy efficiency standards are now one of the most effective measures to support global carbon reduction targets. Inverter technology plays a crucial role in achieving high energy efficiency and sustainability for the future.

Fairland Redefines Industry Standard with TurboSilence® Full-inverter Technology

Fairland is the leader in the inverter technology field of the swimming pool industry and the first pool heat pump manufacturer to develop Full-inverter technology. In 2014, Fairland started the Full-inverter market trial and led the Full-inverter heat pump to become the market mainstream in 2018.
Nevertheless, Fairland remains continually upgrading and iterating its inverter technology. In 2019, Fairland unveiled the ground-breaking TurboSilence® Full-inverter technology, which features extensively in its inverter pool heat pumps.
In 2023, Fairland introduced an innovative 100% Green iGarden solution centered on TurboSilence® Full-inverter technology, where the X20 inverter pool heat pump redefines the industry standard with a COP (Coefficient of Performance) of 20.

What Are the Advantages of Using Fairland TurboSilence® Full-inverter Technology?

Inverter-equipped pool products are superior to conventional technology in several ways. But the latest TurboSilence® Full-inverter technology by Fairland utilizes the advantages of inverter technology to its fullest potential. Based on the X20 inverter pool heat pump, for example, the unique benefits of TurboSilence® Full-inverter technology primarily featured the following aspects:

  • Energy Efficiency: Up to 20x Energy Saving with 20% Extra Heating Capacity
Optimized with Fairland TurboSilence® Full-inverter technology, the X20 inverter pool heat pump perfectly matches the inverter compressors and extreme 3D titanium heat exchanging tech to maximize COP performance with a 30% increase in efficiency. The upgraded high-performance inverter compressor allows you to turbo the heating capacity up to 120% in one touch. TurboSilence® Full-inverter technology delivers an outstanding COP of up to 20. It generates a maximum of 20kW of heat for every unit of energy consumed. In other words, it uses less energy, which can significantly reduce your electricity bill in the long run.

  • Silent Operation: Up to 20 times Quieter with 0 Compressor Noise

Thanks to the TurboSilence® Full-inverter technology, the compressor and the fan work at extremely low speeds while maintaining temperature, reducing the noise level to around 36.6 dB(A) at 1 meter, making the X20 inverter pool heat pump operating extremely quiet. You can hardly hear any noise from the compressor. Mitsubishi twin-rotatory compressor minimizes vibration and achieves low noise operation, with sound pressure 20 times lower than the traditional on/off heat pumps. While under Silence mode, the X20 inverter pool heat pump intelligently adjusts the heating capacity at an average of 30% to maintain the desired temperature more quietly and efficiently.

  • Durability & Reliability: 7-year Warranty with Robust Technical Support
Equipped with TurboSilence® Full-inverter technology, the X20 does not need to run at full speed all the time, thus reducing wear and tear on parts and extending its lifespan. Still, its aluminum alloy casing is highly resistant to corrosion. Driven by the spirit of Pursuing the Ultimate Customer Experience, Fairland supports its newest X20 with a 7-year pool heat pump warranty and robust after-sales service and technical support, including 24-hour Failure Response, 72-hour Solutions, 24-hour/7-day Online Service, and 72-hour Spare Parts Express.

  • Sustainability & Connectivity: Turn Your Backyard into a 100% Green Haven at One-touch
X20 inverter heat pumps are one of the most effective pool heater options for reducing emissions. As the core technology of the 100% Green iGarden solution, TurboSilence® Full-inverter technology can couple with green electricity, e.g., using clean energy sources such as solar energy storage systems to power the X20 inverter pool heat pump. You can intelligently interconnect these individual products through the iGarden Green Management System, a fully automated intelligent control system for large-scale device connectivity and management. With a mobile phone APP and touch-screen remote control, you can remotely control multiple connected devices (e.g., heat pumps, water pumps, salt chlorinators, electric multiport valves, etc.) and keep tabs on your daily electricity usage throughout the year.

Final Words: Unlock the Era of 100% Green iGarden with Fairland

At COP28, the world’s largest climate conference held from 30 November to 12 December in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 123 countries joined the COP28 Global Renewables and Energy Efficiency Pledge, committing to global targets of tripling renewable energy capacity and doubling annual energy efficiency improvements by 2030. With record-breaking global temperatures and extreme weather events impacting people everywhere, we must act decisively to curb global warming and end the climate crisis.

Fairland, a leading intelligent equipment brand in China, seizes the initiative to unveil a unique 100% Green iGarden solution for sustainable and connected outdoor living, driving innovation to advance sustainability. Fairland has always been committed to promoting technological outdoor life. And iGarden is geared toward reshaping our lives by introducing advanced upgrades in outdoor recreation, wellness, and various lifestyles.

Fairland believes that more brands will join the ranks of technological innovation, bringing higher value to the industry and enhancing the experience for families across the globe. All Green All Partner - all players are all partners in this endeavor. Fairland is eager to collaborate with all peers to chart new paths forward on an idealized 4-season outdoor living vision, uniting for the collective advancement of iGarden.

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