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Think Bigger, Swim Better

When we set a goal, we tend to dream bigger and exert our utmost. In this case, even if we fail to achieve our original target, we get an acceptable outcome. Fairland finds that idea is also applicable for pool heat pump. Think bigger, swim better.

It is our common sense that pool size determines pool heater model. After careful calculation and thorough study, we are happy to share with you our new finding in pool heat pump selection: As we purchase an inverter pool heat pump, it is better for us to choose a premium model.

Higher COP

Due to limited heating capacity, standardinverter pool heat pump is prone to operate at higher speed such as 80%, 100% of its full capacity. Instead, premium inverter pool heat pump has a larger heating capacity. The latter can generate the same amount of heat while running at a lower capacity, which reduces energy consumption greatly. That means a great cut in your electricity bill.

Lower Noise

The noise of a pool heat pump is directly relevant to its speed. Compared with on/off pool heat pump that operates at fixed speed, inverter pool heat pump adjusts speed according to water and air temperature, which ensures an effective use of capacity. Inverter pool heat pump of premium model can further lower its speed, thus creating a quieter swimming environment.

Four Season Swimming

Heat demand and supply analysis is shown in below chart.
Heat demand and supply analysis - Fairland inverter swimming pool heat pump and pool heating solution

We can see clearly that from October to April heat produced by standard model cannot satisfy heat demand. However, the curve of premium model remains higher than demand all year long. Under this circumstance, swimming time is extended to four seasons and you can enjoy your time in pool even in frozen winter. Choose a premium model of pool heat pump and enjoy Four Season Gym, Four Season Fun, a stylish lifestyle around the corner!

Fairland is your dearest friend and we are happy to share with your all our wisdom. Your excellent swimming experience is all what we pursue.

Think bigger, Swim Better - Fairland TurboSilence inverter swimming pool heat pump

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