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  • Sales Representative
    Job Description

    Being responsible for searching and maintaining clients from various places as well as to bringing more benefit to them. We face to face to communicate with our clients by attending abroad exhibition.

    Job Requirement

    1. Aged from 25 to 30 years old with at least bachelor degree and specializes in foreign trade.

    2. Personality with steady & kind-hearted & flexible & strong team sprit.

    3. Good oral English with degree above CET 6 and being familiar with foreign trade export process.

    4. Priority of French more than 2 years foreign trade experience.

    Job Responsibility

    1. Developing potential clients in the target market.

    2. Trying to assist clients to make market plan and guide market grows steadily.

    3. Making related export order documents except files for shipping and logistics departments.

    4. Attending regular abroad exhibition or professional sales training.

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  • Technical R&D Engineer
    Job Requirement

    1. Aged from 30 to 40 years old and above 5 years experience of inverter R&D.

    2. Ability to College degree as well as HVAC or electromechanical refrigeration majors.

    3. Ability to philosophy of inverter air conditioner & inverter heat pump & water heater. Being good at regular office software and graphics.

    4. Ability to inverter refrigeration system development.

    5. Being active & hardworking & withstanding work pressure.

    Job Responsibility

    1. Ability to product structure designing & testing & tracking .

    2. Dealing with problems of product improvement & technical maintenance .

    3. Making the compression & analysis for different products from market.

    4. Ability to product after-sales service & solving the technical maintenance problems.

    5. Being cooperated with superior’s work & other tasks.

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