Core Value

Our Success Comes from Your Success.
The success of our customer will be our primary task, as your success brings us the sense of achievement, your trust and smile is the best return to Fairland people, we are a union with our customer.
Customers’ expectation drives Fairland working harder, but working harder is actually far from enough. Persistence of technical innovation is the only way to satisfy customers consistently. Fairland has been investing 30% of its turnover on technical development since 2008, among with the rising of customers' expectations to Fairland, the investment and efforts are keeping increasing.


One swimming pool, One inverter

Fairland is consistently putting efforts to provide the best solution to the families who are in eager to enjoy swimming at any moment.
Nowadays, more and more people practice swimming as a pleasant exercise or a kind of relaxation. But have you ever imagined swimming in winter? Why not?
Actually, there are many families who already have a swimming pool, but could only swim in summer since there is no satisfactory solution for them to heat their pools:
●  Solar heaters are restricted by weather conditions
●  Electrical heat exchangers are too expensive to use frequently
●  High cost, much electric consumption and noise making on using a heat pump
Fairland firmly believes that a solution can be found by unremitting efforts.

That is the reason, Fairland spent 7 years developing and consummating Full-inverter technology to reduce electric consumption of pool heat pump to be half, to make its silence level to be as quiet as Fridge.
In the next 20 years, Fairland will not stop contributing all its efforts to make this mission comes true.