Fairland is pleased to announce that it has been partnering with FUNAM for eight years.

Fairland With Funam

Fairland is pleased to announce that it has been partnering with FUNAM for eight years.


Poland FUNAM was founded in 1989 and has since strengthened its market position in the area of the construction of public swimming pools and the modernization of water treatment plants for municipal and swimming pool purposes.

What makes FUNAM stand out is the high quality of service and maintenance services provided. Thanks to its long-term cooperation with the largest producers and leaders of the global swimming pool industry, the Sales Department of FUNAM provides the Polish market with devices offering the latest solutions in the field of swimming pool technology, allowing it to meet the needs of its customers. The spirit of pursuing the ultimate customer experience is highly consistent with Fairland, due to the common goal, FUNAM and Fairland have established a friendly partnership for 8 years.

We were honored to have a representative of FUNAM interviewed by us at Global Piscine Europe 2022 Lyon show, click on the video below to hear what the FUNAM representative had say about the Fairland brand and the future of our partnership.

Every year, guided by the requirements posed by the market, FUNAM expands its offer with new innovative swimming pool devices and solutions that allow it to meet the expectations of even the most demanding users of swimming pools.

Thanks for FUNAM's kind invitation, Fairland is glad to provide technical training to FUNAM. The training is part of Fairland's Global Technical Training program, which aims to support every partner in better understanding Fairland's products and technology.

For more information about FUNAM, please visit their website at

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