The partnership between MOOV and Fairland has propelled the inverter trend in Canada.

MOOV and Fairland: Revolutionizing the Pool Industry with Energy-Efficient Innovation and Joint Effort

MOOV Pool Products, a leading supplier of pool equipment and technology in Canada, and Fairland Group Limited, a global leader in the production of energy-efficient pool equipment, have been collaborating since 2021. Together, they have been promoting the inverter technology from 0 to 1 in Canada, and today they are the largest inverter heat pump supplier in the Canadian market.

In the face of climate change, Canadians are becoming more environmentally conscious. As a result, there is a rising demand for energy-efficient pool equipment, which is where MOOV and Fairland have come in. By combining their expertise, they have been able to create inverter heat pumps that provide higher efficiency and lower energy costs than traditional heat pumps.

The partnership between MOOV and Fairland has propelled the inverter trend in Canada. Inverter technology allows for variable speed settings, which means it can match the pool's energy requirements. This results in a more efficient and cost-effective system. Due to the growing demand for this technology, MOOV has become a trend leader in the Canadian market.

MOOV and Fairland continue to work together to create innovative solutions for the pool industry. The two companies are currently working towards expanding their partnership into other products such as AI-wireless robotic pool cleaners, water pumps, etc. These products will utilize their combined expertise in the pool industry to bring more innovation and intelligent pool experience to all families in Canada.

Moving forward, the partnership between MOOV and Fairland will continue to provide cutting-edge technology for the Canadian pool industry. This collaboration has allowed both companies to combine their resources, expertise, and innovative ideas to create eco-friendly and efficient products that benefit the environment and consumers.

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