SWIMFORT Inverter Pool Heat Pump
dc pool heater titanium heat exchanger for swimming pool


DC-Inverter Pool Heat Pump
The Most Economical
  • 9x
    Energy Saving
  • 32℉~109
    Operation Temperature
  • 7
    x Quieter
titanium heat exchanger pool

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DC-Inverter Technology

titanium heat exchanger pool heater
9x Energy Saving
COP up to 9, 1kW power input=9kW heat in return
(Air 80℉ / Water 80℉ / Humidity 80%)
titanium pool heat pump
7x Quieter
@AVERAGE 50% capacity Equipped with twin-rotary compressor to minimize vibration
titanium pool heater
Soft Start Protection
No Burden to existing electricity system
  • titanium swimming pool heat exchanger
    Spiral Titanium Heat Exchanger
    Enlarge 30% heat exchanging surface
  • titanium pool heater
    HP-BOOSTER Technology
    Enable COP 20% higher than On/Off pool heat pump in the market
  • dc pool heater
    Saginomiya 4-way valve
    For Fast Defrosting
Prolong Your Utilization
With reliable warranty
titanium heat exchanger pool
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