SWIMPAC Full-inverter Technology


Full-inverter Pool Heat Pump
The Original Full-inverter Pool HP
Suitable for Pool Size Range 14,000~42,000 gal
  • 13x
    Energy Saving
  • 32℉~109
    Operation Temperature
  • 10
    Times Quieter

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Full-inverter® Technology

Full-inverter technology drives the DC-inverter twin-rotary compressor hertz-by-hertz and runs the DC-inverter brushless fan motor round-by-round to achieve the optimum performance. At the beginning of the swimming season, Full-inverter pool heat pumps will heat the pool water to the set temperature at 100% heating capacity and then maintain the required temperature at an averagely of 30% of power consumption.
13x Energy Saving
COP13: 1kW Input = 13kW Output
10x Quieter Averagely
@AVERAGE 50% capacity Equipped with twin-rotary compressor to minimize vibration
Home Spa Experience
Water Outlet Up to 109℉
Intelligent As You Like 2 Optional Modes
  • Smart Mode

    20~100% Running Capacity

    Quickly heating to reach the desired pool temperature.

  • Silence Mode

    20~80% Running Capacity

    ensuring quiet operation &friendly neighborhood

  • Twin-rotatry Compressor
    Enhancing heating efficiency
  • Spiral Titanium Heat Exchanger
    Enlarge 30% heat exchanging surface
  • Soft Start Protection
    No Burden to existing electricity system
  • Wi-Fi Built-in & Remote Control
    with Fairland Smart Pool APP
Prolong Your Utilization
With reliable warranty
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