Inverter-plus Commercial T3

Product Pictures of Fairland
Product Pictures of Fairland
Product Pictures of Fairland

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• Super energy-saving and Eco-friendly
• Super silent
• Smartphone APP control remotely(optional)
• Automatic defrosting
• Soft start 
• Operating air temperature 0℃~52℃
• Pool size range 130m³~520m³
• Indoor and outdoor pools

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• Super energy-saving: Half running cost

AVERAGE COP 10 at Air 26℃/ Water 26℃/ Humidity 80%
(COP means Coeffcient of Performance, it is a ratio of heating capacity to power consumption)

Half running cost principle (in 180 days swimming season)
In the first 5 days a Inverter-plus Commercial T3 pool heat pump runs at 100% capacity and heats up the pool to the set temperature. In the next 175 days it runs at AVERAGE 50% capacity by AVERAGE COP 10 to maintain the desired pool temperature. So the AVERAGE COP is double of On/Off heater.

 • Super Silent
AVERAGE 10 Times Quieter
When maintaining pool temp at AVERAGE 50% capacity, it brings a quieter swimming environment with twin-rotary DC-inverter compressor and unique ventilation system.

• Long Working Life
Low speed running philosophy extends working life.

 Soft Start
When Inverter-plus Commercial T3 pool heat pump turns on,the current will start from 0A and go up slowly to rated current in 2 minutes. It will not affect the house electricity system, while the frequent start current of On/Off heat pump is 5 times of rated current, it is a burden to the electricity system.
soft start of Inverter-plus Commercial T3 swimming pool heating solution
1.The winter swim season is upon us! Whether you’ve already been swimming for a month or are just now getting the pool ready, it’s important to make sure you have a functioning air source heat pump to maintain an optimal temperature. Fairland air source pool heat pump includes a fan and smart controls that will help keep your pool at a steady temperature all year round.
2.Welcome to the era of smarter pool heating. Fairland air source pool heat pump is a smart, cost-effective way to heat your pool when it’s too cold out for solar heating to be effective. China pool heater manufacturer, Fairland group also offers a wide range of sizes and configurations so you can choose the perfect one for your swimming pool. Reach Fairland for more info about inverter swimming pool air source heat pump.
3.This commercial grade air source swimming pool heat pump is smart and efficient. With a fan to circulate your pool water, it can heat up your pool quickly! The air source pool heat pump system is also designed to work with existing filters, so installation is easy. This system has been used on pools all over the country since its launch in the wholesale pool heater marketplace.
4.Fairland air source pool heat pump does not require any water to operate, so you can have a heated pool all year round. Simply plug in the unit, set your desired temperature, and let Fairland innovative smart technology take care of the rest. With an automatic fan to evenly distribute heat, this pool heater is conveniently designed for commercial use.
5.Air source pool heat pumps are the most efficient way to heat your swimming pool. Unlike gas or oil, air is an abundant resource that doesn’t experience price fluctuations or shortages. This means that you can enjoy a comfortable swim all year long without worrying about hiked heating costs.
An inverter air source heat pump is smart by design from innovertive pool heater manufacturer. It continually monitors the temperature of its surroundings and modulates its output accordingly. This makes it perfect for homes with fluctuating temperatures, as it adjusts seamlessly to keep your family warm in winter months and cool in summer months.
The fan, which extracts hot air from the pool or heat from air, circulates fresh air through the unit, ensuring maximum energy efficiency.

Inverter-plus Commercial T3
Model IPHC50Ts IPHC90Ts
Advised pool volume  (m3) 100~150 150~300
Operating air temperature (℃)  0~52
Performance Condition: Air 26°C, Water 26°C 
Heating capacity (kW)                     50.0 90.0
COP at 50% capacity 10.8 10.6
Performance Condition: Air 45℃,Water 32℃ 
Cooling capacity (kW)  26.0 45.0
EER 3.6 3.5
Compressor DC-inverter 
Heat exchanger Spiral titanium tube in PVC
Casing Alluminum-alloy
Fan direction Vertical
Power supply  380-415V/3Ph/50Hz
Rated input power  1.71~8.56 3.30~15.5
Rated input current  2.47~12.36 4.76~22.4
Net dimension LxWxH (mm) 1000x1110x1260 2100×1090×1280
Net weight    (kg) 212 459
Qty per 20’FT / 40'HQ    (sets) 8/18 4/9

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