Full-inverter HP For North America

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Why Inverter Technology
Powered by Inverter Technology, the Inverter Pool Heat Pump In North America can adjust heating capacity from 20% to 100% intelligently according to different heating demands.
When season starts and heating demand is high, the Inverter runs at 100% compressor & fan speed for fast heating. When maintaining the pool temperature, the Inverter runs at low speed for energy saving with higher COP and lower sound pressure.

AVERAGE 10 Times Quieter
-AVERAGE sound pressure 45.25 dB(A) at 1m
Thanks to quiet DC inverter compressor, low-speed running philosophy of compressor & fan motor, the Inverter can offer you super quiet operation by 10dB(A) lower sound pressure at AVERAGE 50% capacity.

2 Times Energy Saving

-AVERAGE COP  9.9 at 50% capacity
The AVERAGE COP of the Inverter is 9.9 at Air 80℉ / Water 80℉ / Humidity 80%, which means 1kW electricity consumption can provide up to 9.9kW heat in return. While On/Off heat pump can only provide 5kW heat as its COP is just around 5.
50% Higher Energy Saving - Fairland Full-inverter Pool Heating Solution NORTH AMERICA

AVERAGE power consumption (in 180 days pool season)
(e.g. 50,000BTU at Air 80℉ / Water 80℉ / Humidity 80%)
AVERAGE power consumption - Fairland Full-inverter Pool Heating Solution NORTH AMERICA


Soft Starter
When the inverter turns on, the current will start from 0A and go up slowly to rated current in 2 minutes. It will not affect the house electricity system, while the frequent start current of On/Off heat pump is 5 times of rated current , it is a burden to the electricity system.
Soft Starter - Fairland Full-inverter Pool Heating Solution NORTH AMERICA
Other Advantages
Twin-rotary DC inverter compressor
Based on "Twin mechanism" innovative solution, two rotors operate together to balance the torque for anti-shaking. It leads to higher efficiency & quieter 
Twin-rotary DC inverter compressor - Fairland Full-inverter Pool Heating Solution NORTH AMERICA

Spiral titanium heat exchanger
Enlarge 30% heat exchanging surface
Spiral titanium heat exchanger - Fairland Full-inverter Pool Heating Solution NORTH AMERICA
HP-BOOSTER technology
Enable COP 20% higher than On/Off pool heat pump in the market
HP-BOOSTER technology - Fairland Full-inverter Pool Heating Solution NORTH AMERICA
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