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Fairland Earns Best Brand at Golden Wave 2024 in Europe

We are thrilled to announce that Fairland has been awarded the Best Brand at the Golden Wave 2024, organized by SCHWIMMBAD+SAUNA, Germany's leading pool and wellness magazine. We are humbled by this remarkable achievement, which would not have been possible without the unwavering support of our worldwide partners. It was a glorious moment for all, making Fairland even more enthused to live up to the All Green, All Partner philosophy.

3 Reasons to Use an Inverter Heat Pump to Heat Your Pool (2024 Guide)

Using an inverter heat pump to heat your pool is a sustainable and affordable alternative because of its high energy efficiency, better environmental friendliness, and constant comfort despite ongoing weather changes. Yet Fairland's new achievement in heat pump energy efficiency - its latest inverter technology innovation that breaks the limit of COP 39 - not only brings about a world record in heat pumps coefficient of performance but also proves that inverter technology does have the "BEYOND LIMIT" potential.

Discover the Latest in Pool Heating:Fairland's Innovative Inverter Technology

Why Choose Fairland Inverter Pool Heat Pumps? 1) High-Efficiency; 2) Eco-Friendly; 3) Solar Compatibility

A World Record in Pool Heating Efficiency: Fairland’s TurboSilence Tech Reaches a New Level

A World Record in Pool Heating Efficiency: Fairland’s TurboSilence Tech Reaches a New Level

World Record Breaking: COP39 - Most Energy Saving Pool Heat Pump (prototype)

COP39 must be viewed not just as a milestone but as a necessity in an electrified age where energy-saving technology and intelligence are crucial for combating climate change. Fairland has been at the forefront of this movement for nearly a decade, evolving from COP16 to COP39, with their innovative inverter technology shaping the future of outdoor living.

Inverter Revolution Again? Pool Heat Pumps and the Future Ahead

Technological innovation has always been a big part of our journey towards a greener future. As a game-changer in the pool industry, inverter technology has brought remarkable energy efficiency gains and delivered countless miracles. Today, inverter technology in the pool sector remains rapidly evolving and iterating to meet the growing demand for eco-friendliness and energy efficiency. Manufacturers strive to unleash creativity in green innovations, promising inverter pool heat pumps to surpass COP20 and beyond in energy efficiency.
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