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Energy Saving Guide: Maximize Inverter Energy Efficiency for Pool Use

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face in the 21st century. The recent, extremely intense heat wave is the best evidence. Energy conservation is at the heart of the fight against climate change to save the future of our planet. Reduced energy usage is the essence of energy conservation. We can lower demand and reserve resources, thereby reducing our carbon footprint. One of our weapons against global warming is to make wise choices that help conserve energy.

New European Environmental Standard Hastens the Transition to More Eco-friendly Swimming Pools

Private swimming pools are frequently considered a significant environmental threat. The announcement of a new European environmental standard in the fall of 2022 and its implementation in 2023 will hasten the transition to more eco-friendly swimming pools. It was the result of a consultation initiated in 2019 by the Fédération des Professionnels de la Piscine (FPP), the French Association for Standardization (AFNOR), and the European Committee for Standardization (CEN).
A new upcoming environmental standard for swimming pools by FPP, AFNOR, and CEN. (Source: Guide Piscine)
A new upcoming environmental standard for swimming pools by FPP, AFNOR, and CEN. (Source: Guide Piscine)
This standard will classify various types of pool equipment based on energy performance, specifically pools, treatment, heating, lighting, cleaning, covering, and filtration units. Consumers and swimming pool professionals can get a general idea of how environmentally friendly swimming pool products and equipment are. Suppliers will be driven to create products with less environmental impact, and consumers will be guided towards more sustainable pool equipment. This standard will influence the entire pool market to develop swimming pools that are more environmentally conscious.

Maximizing Energy Efficiency with Inverter Technology towards Green Pools

Fairland, a tech-lead pool heat pump manufacturer in the industry, has always prioritized maintaining a balance between user experience and energy efficiency. The operational economy, reliability, and durability of heat pumps are significant considerations for pool owners. A high-efficiency inverter swimming pool heat pump can do it all.

To heat a 27.3 cubic meter swimming pool in Paris, France, we chose a heat pump from the Fairland INVERX series with model number IXCR46. The average ambient temperature in the area is 13 degrees Celsius. Thus, we set the heating cycle from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily to raise the temperature from a starting point of 14 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius.
Fairland INVERX brings 4-season swimming fun at the lowest cost and highest energy efficiency
Fairland INVERX brings 4-season swimming fun at the lowest cost and highest energy efficiency.

Under these circumstances, to maintain the desired pool temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, the Fairland IXCR46 inverter pool heat pump consumes approximately 10kWh per day, for total annual power usage of 3,822kWh. The cost of electricity a year, at 0.18 euros per kilowatt-hour, comes to 688 euros, an average of only 2 euros per day! Thanks to the ground-breaking TurboSilence® inverter technology, the INVERX is an environmentally sustainable solution to optimize energy efficiency at a price of only 2 euros per day, saving up to 3 times the energy consumption. 4-season swimming fun at the lowest cost and highest energy efficiency - that is the brilliance of Fairland INVERX. Now each kilowatt consumed is visible.

Increasing Sustainability to Achieve an Intelligently Pleasant Outdoor Experience

With the rising popularity of home automation, maintenance automation of pool equipment will be a significant trend for swimming pools in 2022. The automation of Fairland INVERX inverter heat pumps adds comfort and convenience while saving energy, making equipment simple to use, and extending the swimming season to all seasons. The revolutionary technologies of green intelligence ensure everyone an enjoyable outdoor experience. As the professional energy-efficient pool heater supplier, Fairland will continue to deepen its technological innovation and take another huge step forward in realizing an intelligent courtyard, shifting toward the more environmentally sustainable private swimming pools. Welcome to contact Team Fairland via email at for more details.

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