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Can A Heat Pump Cool a Pool

As climate change makes heat waves more frequent and intense, the year 2022 is likely to continue the trend of the world's warmest years.
Can A Heat Pump Cool a Pool

The Extremely Intense Heat Wave Continues to Sweep across the World

Recently, warnings of heat waves have been issued all around the world. Arab Weather reports that heat waves are going to worsen in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Kuwait, with temperatures surpassing 50 degrees Celsius. Heat waves of unprecedented proportions also spread across southern and central Europe, with the hottest spots centered in Portugal, Spain, and France. Parts of Spain have their hottest May on record, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius in some areas. In May, France experienced a peak temperature of more than 33 degrees Celsius. According to the Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace in Paris, these temperatures are even higher than average in July and August. At the same time, the eastern United States saw unusually scorching record temperatures. Much of the world is currently experiencing a heat wave of extreme intensity.

How Can People Relax in Heat Waves?

Heat stroke and heat stress are more likely to occur due to the extreme temperatures brought on by heat waves. Residents should drink lots of water and stay as cool as possible with minimal physical activity as per Spain's health ministry. Arab Weather also recommends that everyone should avoid direct and prolonged exposure to the sun and pay attention to hydrating the body in time.

Obviously, summer is arriving sooner and hotter than ever before this year. A chilly swimming pool becomes one of the finest places for people to unwind in this way.

Can You Cool Pool Water with a Heat Pump?

A swimming pool heat pump, as we all know, is one of the most efficient ways to heat a pool during the cold months. However, as a cost-effective pool owner, you may wonder: Do heat pumps cool in the summer?

The answer is a resounding "YES." Pool heat pumps with heating and cooling functions can heat or cool your pool on demand. This multifunctional pool heat pump features a reversing valve with a unique reverse cycle function that allows the pool heat pump to remove cold water while returning it to the pool for cooling. It uses refrigerant to maintain a set pool water temperature by performing a heating or cooling cycle that can be switched back and forth. As a result, a pool heat pump with a heating and cooling function allows you to cool the pool water on hot days and heat it on cold days. You will be able to keep the water temperature comfortable all year round, extend your swimming season, and make the most of your pool.

How Do You Cool Down A Swimming Pool?

With summer being so hot, everyone is looking for ways to cool down the swimming pool. We've compiled some practical tips that we hope will give you inspiration for pool cooling.

5 Tips for Cooling Down Your Swimming Pool in Heat Waves

1. Keep the pool filtration system running at night

Running the pool filter at night will circulate the pool water and encourage evaporation, resulting in heat loss and reduction in the water temperature.

2. Remove the pool cover

Running the pool filter at night while also removing the pool cover can expose your water to ambient temperatures, making it easier for heat to drain off the surface.

3. Create shade fixtures for your pool

You can try adding a pool awning over your pool to block the sun as much as possible. This way, you can keep your swimming pool chilly for an extended period.

4. Add a pool cooler

How about air conditioning your pool water? When all you have is a pool heater for heating, a pool cooler is perfect for reducing the water temperature in hot weather. Easily cool down your pool at the touch of a button.

5. Install a pool heat pump with heating and cooling

A swimming pool heat pump with a heating and cooling function is a quick and one-time solution to cooling your pool. It will maximize your investment in pool equipment, especially suitable for areas with large temperature differences between day and night. For example, in the Middle East, due to the climate, the daytime solar radiation in this region is heavily strong, and the temperature increases; at night, as the atmospheric counter radiation weakens, the temperature decreases. Therefore, to make good use of the swimming pool in such a climate, a pool heat pump with a heating and cooling function has an advantage over the pool heat pump with a heating function only.

Aside from climatic factors beyond your control, it also depends on your need for a pool. A pool heat pump with heating and cooling is a must-have for anyone who wants to make the most of their pool season, no matter what region or climate. Fairland, a tech-lead manufacturer and supplier of smart pool heating solutions, can customize the INVERX inverter pool heat pumps into pool heat pumps with heating and cooling functions as per customer demands. The four-way valve equipped in the INVERX series is mainly used for defrosting in heating-only pool heat pumps, but it can also be utilized for cold and warm exchange in the heating&cooling models of INVERX. The INVERX series is tremendously popular in the Middle East market. With its premium appearance, robust 120% heating capacity, 15 times quieter running, and remarkable 3 times energy saving, the INVERX series has successfully attracted widespread attention in Europe, North America, and South America. Now everyone in the world can enjoy nice water at constant temperature in all seasons with the INVERX.

Fairland INVERX Horizontal with a new panel of hexagons
Fairland INVERX Horizontal with a new panel of hexagons

Not long ago, Fairland released the new INVERX Horizontal panel, which features a revolutionary hexagonal airflow structure. The new panel of hexagons brings the largest air inlet/outlet area (720° internal angle) and the most optimal heat exchange efficiency. Even on scorching summer days, you may relax in the pool with cool, refreshing water and then easily heat it back up for a relaxing night swim. Simply set the temperature and leave the rest to the INVERX.

Final Words

On a hot summer day, the last thing you want to do is plunge into a pool that feels even hotter. A heating-only pool heater will not chill your swimming pool, but a pool heat pump with a heating and cooling function will. Simply switch to cooling mode to lower the temperature to the desired level when the water gets too hot. This heating&cooling pool heat pump could be exactly what you're looking for. To explore 4 seasons of ultimate swimming fun with Fairland INVERX, email us now at

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