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Pool Heat Pumps Installation Precautions From manufacturer

What Should We Pay Attention to When Installing Pool Heat Pump? - Fairland

As everyone knows, with a pool heat pump, it can extend the swimming season, especialy when you install it properly, you definitely can fully enjoy the convenience and comfort it brings. Next, I will introduce some precautions for installing Fairland China pool heat pump.

1) Please avoid installing pool heat pump inverter in any of the following places, which may cause it to malfunction:
  • The site contains mineral oil such as lubricant.
  • A factory where the power supply voltage changes too much.
  • The recirculation flow rate should not be lower than 2,300m3/Hr.
  • Where there is a strong electromagnetic field.
  • High temperature areas with corrosive gases such as sulfur gas.
  • There is little or no air recirculation in the enclosed space.
  • In places like the kitchen, oil can penetrate the pool heat pump.
  • Where there are flammable gases or materials.

2) The support surface (base/platform) is preferably built above the ground to avoid contact with the moisture of floor/garden, and it must be able to support the entire weight of the equipment. Make sure it doesn't spread noise and vibration. And it allows sufficient condensate and rain to drain from the bottom of the unit. If possible, the base should be at the same or slightly higher position than the filtration system equipment platform.

3) Be sure to keep the drainpipe open loop. Regularly switch ON and OFF the pressure regulator, in order to eliminate possible lime deposits. Connect the drainpipe to the reducing valve vertically downward and in an no-icing environment.

4) Do not put your fingers or insert any other object into the air inlet or outlet of pool heat pump. Serious damage can occur when the fan is rotated.

5) Do not touch the cooling fin of heat exchanger. These fins are very sharp and it may cause cuts.

6) Do not operate pool heat pump with wet hands. It may cause the electric shock.

The above are from pool heat pump factory, Fairland Group Limited.
By Altea Yao

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