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Operating Principle of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps


Nowadays, people pay much attention to energy saving and environmental protection. The swimming pool heat pump is such a equipment which is energy-saving and eco-friendly, it can be operated at low cost. Today we will talk about its basic operating principle.

Generally speaking, the inverter pool heat pump uses a titanium heat exchanger to heat the pool water and maintain a constant temperature through the continuous circulation of refrigerant. The operating principle is to absorb the heat energy in the air, and after being compressed by the compressor, it will be converted into high-temperature heat energy to heat the pool water.

Specifically speaking, when the swimming pool inverter heat pump is working, the high-pressure high-temperature refrigerant gas enters the titanium heat exchanger after discharged from the compressor. Meanwhile the heat is discharged to heat the pool water. And the refrigerant has become liquid. Then it enters the evaporator and will be evaporated into gas, the heat in the air will be absorbed during the evaporation process.

After the refrigerant evaporates, it enters the compressor and is compressed again into a high temperature and high pressure gas. By continuous circulation like this, the water in the swimming pool is heated and keeps at a constant temperature. For pool heat pump china from Fairland, inquiry now.

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