World Record Breaking: COP39 - Most Energy Saving Pool Heat Pump (prototype)

COP39 must be viewed not just as a milestone but as a necessity in an electrified age where energy-saving technology and intelligence are crucial for combating climate change. Fairland has been at the forefront of this movement for nearly a decade, evolving from COP16 to COP39, with their innovative inverter technology shaping the future of outdoor living.

Inverter Revolution Again? Pool Heat Pumps and the Future Ahead

Technological innovation has always been a big part of our journey towards a greener future. As a game-changer in the pool industry, inverter technology has brought remarkable energy efficiency gains and delivered countless miracles. Today, inverter technology in the pool sector remains rapidly evolving and iterating to meet the growing demand for eco-friendliness and energy efficiency. Manufacturers strive to unleash creativity in green innovations, promising inverter pool heat pumps to surpass COP20 and beyond in energy efficiency.

What Awaits On The Horizon For Inverter Pool Heat Pump And Beyond

As times change, pool heat pump technology keeps on revolutionizing. From fixed-frequency to inverter technology, air-source heat pumps have multiple iterative upgrades, refreshing the coefficient of performance (COP) to address the quest for higher energy-efficient pool heating.

Inverter Pool Heat Pump – Top Lifestyle to Go Green and Hyper Energy-Saving

For years, the smart building industry has been envisioning the "future lifestyle," with a focus on "energy saving" through smart technologies like the IoT (Internet of Things) and AI. Now, iGarden is redefining the future by emphasizing "green and energy-saving" in outdoor living. At the last P&W Barcelona, iGarden's innovations have already secured two world records creating a stir in the industry. What's the next frontier? Could it be the next hyper-energy-saving pool heat pump?

Why Robotic Pool Cleaners Are the Best Investment (2024 Guide)

Modern technology enhances robotic pool cleaners, making them faster, more energy-efficient, and intelligent. The latest models, like Fairland's Guinness World Records Wireless Robotic Pool Cleaner (Prototype), boast extended operation over 40 hours. These advancements ensure remarkable, sustainable, and automated pool maintenance.
fairland group acquires a participation in moov pool products inc., with operations and warehousing in central florida.

Are Pool Heat Pumps Worth It? (3 Selection Criteria)

This piece explores the transformative role of inverter technology in pool heating, spotlighting the Fairland X20 Inverter Heat Pump for its high energy efficiency and savings, plus eco-benefits. It underscores inverter heat pumps as ideal for cost-effective and sustainable pool heating, while aiding global efforts in energy conservation and environmental stewardship.
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