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Fairland Inver-X Series with Patent, Power to Enjoy More


In the past few years, you may be amazed by Full-inverter technology, which Fairland spent 7 years in developing and consummating to reduce electric consumption of pool heat pump to be half, and make it to be as quiet as a fridge. Now, Fairland is going to launch a brand new lineup to the world: Inver-X series – INVER-X VERTICAL and INVER-X HORIZONTAL, with patent issued by EUIPO.

Booster Mode with TurboSilence Technology, One Button for Rapid Heating

INVER-X VERTICAL and INVER-X HORIZONTAL pool heat pumps, as the newest members of Fairland pool heating products, are powered by the new TurboSilence Technology, which is optimized on the basis of Full-inverter Technology. It can generate extra 20% heating capacity to boost the heating speed for your pool, just by clicking one button! This is the Booster mode with TurboSilence technology exclusively for Inver-X series. It can still be running as usual at minus 15 degrees Celsius. With Inver-X series, you would able to enjoy swimming to the greatest through all seasons, even in bad weather.

INVER-X HORIZONTAL (Click for more info)

Besides, there are two other modes for option: Smart mode with intelligent heating and Silence mode with quiet and energy saving. Whatever mode you choose, the pool will be heated in an energy efficient way. Saving running cost while being more environmentally friendly to our planet.

Unique Air Flow Design for Better Heat Exchanging

You might never imagine there can be a multi-airflow design in pool heat pump. And Fairland just made it happened. Inver-X series successfully maximizes air flow area for better heat exchanging. Especially INVER-X VERTICAL, its vertical design makes it only half of the installation size of a horizontal HP is required. It is easy to install and saves place.

 INVER-X VERTICAL (Click for more info)

Ultimate Customer Experiences, Always Beyond the Expectation

Ever since the foundation, Fairland has dedicated to contribute its e¬fforts to bring totally new experience to every family who hopes to enjoy more water entertainment. Customers’ expectation drives Fairland working harder. And persistence of technical innovation is the only way to satisfy customers consistently. In the coming time, Fairland will still insist the aim of ”Ultimate customer experiences”, listen and respect customer needs, provide more Intelligent, eco-friendly and reliable products to global market.

Welcome to visit INVER-X VERTICAL and INVER-X HORIZONTAL for more information. If you are interested in INVER-X VERTICAL and INVER-X HORIZONTAL, please feel free to contact us via email: Or stay connected with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, get all the updates of what’s new in Fairland.