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Why Pool House Helps You Earn More

Swimming pools are one of those modern comforts that may utilize and enjoy by the whole family. As summer draws closer, many pool owners have opened the pool and are ready to swim, when pool houses will be the perfect versatile outdoor living space. But what is a pool house? Can a pool house increase as much value to your house as a swimming pool? Let's find out below.

Why Pool House Helps You Earn More

Pool House Basics 1: What Is A Pool House?

A pool house is a standalone building close to your pool and distinct from your main house. Usually, it stores pool toys and supplies and provides space for families and guests to change into their swimwear or back into their clothes after fully enjoying the pool. Some pool houses even have bathrooms so everyone can shower after swimming without heading back to the main house.

Pool House Basics 2: Is The Cabana A Pool House?

Cabanas and pool houses are not the same thing. The word cabana comes from the Spanish cabaña and refers to a light hut, cabin, or shelter with a roof, three walls, and an open area facing the beach or swimming pool. Cabanas are popular on beaches worldwide, particularly at poolside resorts and hotels in North America. The most basic cabana might even be a temporary tent-like structure with only enough room for a change of clothing. Because cabanas are not permanent structures, it usually doesn't require a building permit. But a pool house is always a more durable structure with solid walls. Also, the pool house is typically more elaborate than a cabana.

Pool House Basics 3: What Are The Benefits of Having A Pool House?

While the pool house may look like a summertime space intended for luxury pools, its primary function remains the same that is to enhance the poolside experience.
  • Convenience matters most. A pool house provides a private space close to the pool where you may change swimwear or dry clothes, take showers or naps, enjoy drinks and entertain friends. Pool houses put everything you need within easy reach, often just a few steps away from the pool, making it more enjoyable for both pool owners and guests.
  • Versatility is essential. You can have a guest house with a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and even bedrooms in a separate relaxing pool house. It is a good idea to create a multi-purpose gathering space that includes a bathroom with a shower and changing room to prevent guests from carrying water into your main house. Moreover, a pool house can be an ideal location to store pool toys and maintenance supplies, pumps, filters, swimming pool heat pumps, and other necessary pool equipment if it is big enough. Fairland, a pool heat pump manufacturer in China, always put user experience first. Its INVERX series pool heat pump not only has excellent performance on energy efficiency and silent operation but also has a stylish appearance that will look better in the backyard. It still sets off exquisite beauty when fitted in the pool house.

Does a Pool House Add Value to a Home?

Yes, a pool house increases the value of a home. Experts estimate that a pool house adds between 5% and 8% to a property's value. A pool house can provide family and guests with the convenience of changing swimwear nearby, enhancing everyone's enjoyment and ease of using the pool at home while also increasing the value of your house. It even contributes value to the overall appeal of the property.

Final Words

Whether a pool house or a private swimming pool, it is more about functional convenience and experiential pleasure while adding value to the property. Nothing is more appealing than cooling down in your private pool during the summer. And the swimming fun goes on with Fairland inverter pool heat pumps. With the help of the INVERX series, swimming is still enjoyable on days with winter lows of -15°C. Swim a few laps anytime for a workout, and then take your time relaxing in the pool house. That's the most pleasant leisure time. Welcome to contact Team Fairland at to discover more about the 4-season Swimming Fun brought by Fairland innovations.

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