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Fairland Inverter Pool Heat Pump: The End of Pool Winterization

Once again, Fairland inaugurates a new era featuring Four Season Gym, Four Season Fun in inverter pool heat pump industry by bringing an end to pool winterization. If you own a swimming pool in your backyard, you must be familiar with following scenario:

Time flies, all of a sudden, wind blows and temperature falls sharply. Unlike in summer, bustling scene of your swimming pool disappears. Instead of enjoying swimming in your pool, you are now busy with winterizing your pool. Clock is ticking, but you have a full schedule. You rush in a store to get various supplies: PH increaser, alkalinity increaser, pool shock, algaecide, skimmer cover… You probably already feel exhausted, yet everything just begins.

You may wonder: do I have to close my swimming pool in winter? Fairland gives a negative answer. A swimming pool requires special measures to go through winter because traditionally temperature in winter is too low for a pool to operate. To address that problem, Fairland develops TurboSilence Full-inverter technology, which upgrades the whole control system and corresponding components and generates extra 20% heat for fast pool heating. As a result, an operational temperature range of -15~43℃ensures that Fairland pool heater functions smoothly even in extreme hot or cold season.
Fairland Inverter Pool Heat Pump - The End of Pool Winterization

In the past, you probably distressed yourself about winter exercise sites because outdoor activities were restricted due to low temperature. As your friend, Fairland pool heat pump wholesale finds a solution to get your out of tiring winterizing work and enable exercise opportunity throughout four seasons.Fairland’s inverter pool heat pump breaks limit on temperature, therefore your swimming pool remains a perfect recreation place even in winter, where you can swim, play beach-ball volleyball or just sprawl in a deck chair taking a sunbath. Under your own roof, without one step outside your home, all kinds of recreation are possible. Isn’t amazing to enjoy Four Season Gym, Four Season Fun?

Not to mention a 15 times quieter swimming environment compared with traditional pool heat pump,thanks to innovative TurboSilence inverter technology, we are no longer disturbed by noise originated from pool heat pump, either from compressor, motor or fan. Other advantages beyond your imagination include a COP up to 16, double energy saving, built-in WIFI and patented graceful design.

Our world evolves every minute, so does our life. Now an era of Four Season Gym, Four Season Fun is around the corner. Exercise in four seasons, stay healthy throughout the year.

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