TurboSilence Inverter HP

Product Pictures of Fairland
Product Pictures of Fairland
Product Pictures of Fairland

TurboSilence Inverter HP  


• TurboSilence Inverter Technology
• Averagely more than 15 Times Quieter
• Turbo/ Silence Mode Selection
• 1/3 Running cost
• 4 season operating


• Pool Size Range 27,000 gallons -42,000 gallons
• Indoor and Outdoor Pools

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With 2 Intelligent Mode, 2/3 Running cost will be saved

Turbo Mode: It intelligently runs at 20~120% capacity according to the water temperature. It will run at 30% capacity averagely when selected an appropriate model to maintain the desired pool temperature for 95% of the swimming days, only need 1/3 running cost, no worries for the electricity bill.

Silent Mode: It intelligently runs at 20~80% capacity, ensuring quiet operation &friendly neighborhood.

Averagely more than 15 Times Quieter

TurboSilence Inverter equipped with twin-rotary compressor to minimize vibration.
Running by AVERAGE 50% capacity to maintain pool temperature for whole swimming season, which means 15 times quieter swimming environment & friendly neighborhood.

4 Season Operating

Turbosilence Inverter is able to operate under temperature from 19℉-109℉, realizes 4 season swimming experience