Make a Leap Forward in Your Backyard with a Pool Heat Pump


2020 has just several dozens of days left, however, what never ends is our incessant love for life. With the love we never cease to upgrade the quality of our life. Under the current circumstances, everyone tends to stay at home regardless of deliberate or liberate reasons, which means a life of quality is increasingly depending on the quality of home life. When it comes to upgrading home facility, as one of the center for entertainment and gym in your house, your courtyard is not to be neglected. InverX pool heat pump, with unique design, energy-saving and noiseless capacity would definitely be a must buy for your house equipped with a pool.

Unlike the traditional pool heat pump, InverX has simple and classic design and not only it can adorn instead of obtruding the whole surrounding, but also add a feeling of high tech to your courtyard. Walking around the InverX, presented here as an upright boxy type in an elegant sliver, you soon realize the pool heat pump cleverly remain all structures of a heat pump, but with some fundamental changes. Much of the upgrades are a result of aesthetic and technological evolution. The fan mesh, for example, is hidden to achieve simplicity in its outlook. Another one of the most impressive exterior details is at the air outlet, where the vents have been designed to hexagon, helping to maximize ventilation, reducing noise. It’s a clever piece of design that is both functional and beautiful.


On top of its featuring good looking appearance, what lay in its core is the TurboSilence technology which allows a faster heating speed while enjoying extreme silence. Just have a look at the figures below and you will know it all.
TurboSilence INVERX HORIZONTAL pool heat pump running status under different mode - fairland pool heating solution
INVER-X HORIZONTAL averagely more than 10 times quieter - fairland pool heating solution
A pool heat pump gives the swimming pool a frequently-used character than it had before. In the past, you probably distressed yourself about your idle swimming pool because outdoor activities were restricted due to low temperature. The problem will be now fixed with a heat pump for it provides opportunity for winter swimming right in your own domain.

With just a Fairland inverter pool heat pump, you can upgrade your backyard, indulge yourself in a luxurious experience anytime at home, thus enhance the sense of happiness of life. What’s your reason not to buy?