Product Pictures of Fairland
Product Pictures of Fairland

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•  Running as low as -25°C (COP is up to 2.5 at -25°C), free swimming all year round;
•  3 Times energy saving, SCOP up to 9
•  15 Times quieter, average noise level is 44dB(A)
•  With real-time power consumption display
•  Heat up to 45°C, used for SPA at home;
• Pool Size Range 90m³~520m³
• Indoor and Outdoor Pools

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About Technology

TurboSilence inverter control system of Fairland inverter swimming pool heat pump perfectly balances the Inverter-compressor-control & Heat exchanging technology, it drives compressor runs Hz by Hz while fan motor runs round by round, which creates the Turbo performance and Silence operation simultaneously. While EVI technology can ensure operation at minus -25°C to achieve 4 season fun.
• Operate Under Lower Temperature and Provide Warmer Water
With the combination of TurboSilence inverter technology and EVI technology, the new INVERX Jumbo is now able to operate under lower temperature down to -25°C, and equipped with stronger heating capacity, the maximum water outlet temperature up to 45°C.
• Averagely more than 15 Times Quieter
All INVERX models are with twin-rotary compressor to minimize vibration.
Running by AVERAGE 50% capacity to maintain pool temperature for whole swimming season, which means 15 times quieter swimming environment & friendly neighborhood.
• 3 Times Energy Saving
Average SCOP=9 (Season COP) , COP up to 2.5 at -25°C, and up to 3.0 at -15°C
• Other Advantages

Intelligent Touch Controller
Real-time energy consumption display
Built-in Wifi & remote control